NFP Ag Co-op

Are you a local yarn shop?

We are having a “reverse auction!”

Starting with CLOTHING prices will be reduced across the board by an increasing percentage until everything is gone!

Starting NOW with a 10% discount on all CLOTHING items! The prices on the web site are the new discounted prices. Yarn shops, farm stores and clothing retailers! Take advantage of our online store and purchase products at wholesale; and keep checking back as the prices go down and down and down.

NFP, Natural Fiber Producers has been operating as a for profit agriculture co-op for the benefit of member farms. We are closing down operations in 2021.

We have produced both hand knitting and custom yarns as well as finished products such as socks, insoles, hats, gloves, scarves and more all made from US grown natural fibers that have been sorted and graded to precise standards for the finest quality end products.

cropped-AMM_Logo_Wool.pngWe are proud to say that all our products have always been made in the United States from our members’ fiber.