NFP Ag Co-op

Are you a local yarn shop?

Agriculture co-op, featuring alpaca products, commercial dehairing

NFP, Natural Fiber Producers is a for profit agriculture co-op established to support member farms with commercial fiber processing and to supply value added products to retailers.

We provide both hand knitting and custom yarns for the knitwear, upholstery, and weaving markets as well as finished products such as socks, insoles, hats, gloves, scarves and more all made from US grown natural fibers.

We only accept sorted and graded fiber so you have the finest quality available in your end products.

Yarn shops, farm stores and clothing retailers are encouraged to browse our online store and purchase products at wholesale. Additionally, we own the only commercial dehairing machine in the country. See more about this unique machine at the Dehairing link above.

cropped-AMM_Logo_Wool.pngWe are proud to say that all our products are made in the United States from our member farms.

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