Dehairing machine

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Natural Fiber Producers Co-op dehairing machine sale sheet

To be sold As Is:

Cormatex Cashmere Line, model DJF56-02  (dehairer) with safety cage, and vacuum system for 3 intermediate drops.  Replacement/maintenance parts included:  replacement wire for rollers; replacement nylon for roller; 1x 55 gallon drum Tri-275 anti-static and partial drum SynthoLube.

Cormatex Hopper Feeder, model CRSL  (autofeeder)

Asking price $436,000 All serious inquiries are welcome. We are open to negotiation.

Contact Natural Fiber Producers for specifications, current pictures, operating manual and inquiries.

Helga Fensterman, NFP Treasurer

Manufactured by:  CORMATEX S.R.L.  Textile machinery and lines