RFP Information

We are currently accepting proposals from companies only in the US with US citizen employees, to port and update an existing web application to a new database with an up-to-date front end.   The existing site was developed approximately 10 years ago, the hardware is very old and the code is out of date and not easily supported. The site will be hosted at our existing hosting vendor, inMotion hosting.

RFP – Sortassist redo

RFP – Website Maint

Updates will be posted to this page. See a list of FAQs below.


Description Date
Deadline for submission of your response 5 pm EST September 15, 2017
Evaluation of proposals by NFP September 18 – October 6, 2017
 Selection decision  October 15, 2017
 Contract negotiations complete  October 30, 2017
 Project initiation phase complete  November 17, 2017
 Project planning phase complete  December 30, 2017
 Project timeline/schedule  Determined during planning phase


Q: How many internal / external users need access to the system?
A:  All users are considered internal users and must have an account to access the system.  Currently we have 72 sorters,  7 RCF managers, 2 Run Managers, 1 Administrator.

Several times a year we hold training classes and will have new sorters to be entered to the system.  The other roles often come from a sorter who has had advanced training and we just modify their privileges to the part of the system they need.

Sorters can only enter & edit their farm sort data, very limited access.  RCF Managers receive the sorted fiber into inventory and can make edits to what sorters have entered (limited access), Run Managers have much more access, create pick tickets based on inventory to determine runs, create reports, etc.


Q: Are you open to a SAAS solution or flexible on code?
A: We are not interested in a SAAS solution


Q: Are you committed to MySQL and PHP?
A: Yes we are.  We will be hosting this at inMotion hosting and that is what they support.  Frameworks such as Ruby on Rails are not supported at inMotion. Python / Django require a dedicated server and we do not have that.


Q: Is there an incumbent vendor who will be bidding?
A: No.


Q: Will preference be given to local vendors?
A: We understand technology is a global service. We are flexible in working with a team wherever in the U.S. they might be located.


Q: What is the budget for this project?
A: We are looking for the RFPs to drive this process. We are currently planning our budget for next year but do not have a specific number.


Q:  The RFP states the planning phase will determine the timeline but when would you like to have the project done by?
A:  We are looking at a go live date of October 2018, you’ve got plenty of time.